Fencing Contractors in Croydon and Bromley

As fencing contractors covering Croydon and Bromley, we take great pride in supplying brand new fencing installations for domestic and commercial customers. We are able to fit all types of fencing, such as ranch style, traditional and continental fencing, at your home. Decorative fencing style are also available from our company.

Our cost-effective panels and posts can show off your garden in a fantastic light and will also give your Croydon or Bromley property the security it needs.

Traditional Fencing

Traditional fencing provides a high level of security and privacy, and comes in several different styles and colours. Our fencing contractors are able to install these panels with consummate ease. Coupled with sturdy concrete posts, traditional fencing will last for many years, whatever the Croydon or Bromley weather.

Trellis Fencing

Valley’s fencing contractors can add trellis fences to traditional fencing panels or it can be used as smaller brick border fencing. This is normally to highlight certain features in your Bromley or Croydon garden such as water features. Trellis is a popular addition to many outdoor spaces and we can supply and install it at a competitive price.

Continental Fencing

lso known as decorative panels, continental fencing provides the same security and privacy as traditional panels but with a more attractive design. These panels are great way of freshening up a garden’s look and creating a striking focal point in any Bromley or Croydon outdoor space.

This fencing also comes with trellis tops. Our fencing contractors are able to advise on which continental panels would look best with your current garden design.

Ranch Fencing

Ranch (or post-and-rail) fencing is a durable installation popular with landowners or property owners with very large gardens. Our fencing contractors cover a wide area of Croydon or Bromley at affordable rates and, with the right posts, they are able to provide an attractive, rustic and countryside feel for you to enjoy.

Close-Board Fencing

Close-board fencing is made from strong, reliable and secure panels that can complement all garden buildings and decking. Out fencing contractors are able to paint panels in a colour that bests suits your landscape. Close-board fencing works well alongside any Croydon and Bromley home and offers great security for your family.